Month: November 2022

The concept and classification of hunting tourism

Hunting is stalking for the purpose of prey, the pursuit and the very prey of wild animals and birds, one of the oldest branches of human activity.

Hunting tourism is one of the most expensive types of tourism, sports and outdoor activities, it is very peculiar, provides not only tourists stay in attractive places for them, […]

History of international tourism development


Tourism, called the “CC phenomenon of the century”, began to develop especially rapidly after the Second World War. According to the WTO, more than 600 million people travel around the world every year, and revenues from international tourism amount to about 470 – 480 billion US dollars. This is about 12% of the global gross […]

What is international tourism

With the expansion of international trade and other forms of international economic relations, increasing the level of culture and education, international tourism begins to develop.

International tourism is a type of activity aimed at providing various kinds of tourist services and goods of tourist demand in order to meet a wide range of cultural and spiritual […]

The problem of defining the term tourism

The terms “tourism” and “travel” cannot be identified. Firstly, the trip can be short, without an overnight stay, and tourism necessarily involves spending the night outside the house. Secondly, travel is often carried out for the purpose of earning money or changing your place of residence.

Tourism cannot pursue such goals, it assumes the opposite — […]

Tourism classifications

Depending on the criterion by which the trip is evaluated, many classifications can be distinguished.

Recreational tourism

medical tourism

health tourism

educational (excursion) tourism

sports tourism

extreme tourism

for the purpose of travel

by landscape and geographical features

by mode of travel: active, transport tourism.

Business tourism

Other classifications

according to the method of equipment

, according to the organizational form

, according to age and social characteristics

, according […]