Lamu City in Kenya, the city of Lamu in Kenya is located on the coast of East Africa on the island of the same name in the Indian Ocean. Historically, it is believed that Lamu is one of the oldest settlements of the Swahili people on the coast and its history is so multifaceted and amazing that it is impossible to ignore this mysterious and remote corner of Kenya.

There are several ways to get to Lamu, but it is better to prefer a plane.

Local air traffic is well developed, and the cost of tickets for domestic flights simply beckons with its cheapness. Just a bus ride on dusty roads, and then by sea to the island itself, will take an unforgivably long time and effort, and of course, it’s stupid to spend a day on it when there is a 35-minute flight, for only $ 38!

Already flying up to the Lamu, you feel that many people will like this place. And this is an unusual place where there are no cars, and the streets are so narrow and intertwined that locals move along them either on foot or on donkeys. And donkeys are everywhere here, they are an integral part of the local culture, they are not only used as transport or for economic purposes, but also, local youth arrange races for them, in which anyone can take part. Of course, the temptation to ride a donkey is great, but it’s better to get around it on foot, since Lamu is not big, and from the center of the island, you can get to almost any point of it in 20 minutes.

After checking into a hotel, of which there are, surprisingly, quite a lot, and at different levels, from inexpensive guesthouses to luxury villas, you can go to lunch at the nearest cafe. The hosts here are smiling and welcoming, and will quickly prepare a wonderful lunch, which usually consists of fish soup, tortillas and fresh salad, in addition, it is worth drinking a glass of freshly squeezed fruit juice, getting a boost of energy and cheerfulness for the whole day. After lunch, you should go to Shela Beach, which is a 10-minute leisurely walk from the hotel, to swim in the ocean and take a ride on a local dow boat. Dear, you pay attention to the interesting architectural features of the city, it’s hard to say how many styles and trends have mixed in the design of local buildings, but one thing is for sure that African, Arab and European cultures have intertwined here so beautifully and harmoniously that they have created their own, special and unique style.

You will definitely like Shela beach, it is quite quiet on it, and although it is not completely deserted, no one will disturb your privacy, and you can have a good rest in the shade of palm trees and swim in the ocean. It is not difficult to rent a dow boat, here they are used as a water taxi, and the owner of the boat will gladly take a tourist around the island and show its other beaches and attractions. It is worth driving through the mangroves, with which the island is surrounded, almost everywhere, to the neighboring island to the ruins of the ancient city of Takwa and to the fort of Ras Kitau.

And then, visit the Kuinga Marine National Park in the northeast of the Lamu Archipelago, where there is an opportunity to dive, exploring the beauty of coral reefs. Swimming around the island, you notice several more cute and small beaches, beautiful and deserted, which will greatly delight tourists who have come here for a quiet and secluded vacation.

In the evening, having dinner with fresh grilled seafood and washing it all down with white wine, you enjoy the sunset, which is surprisingly bright and beautiful here!

The next day in the morning, you can go to the port to take a look at the Pwani Mosque, built in the early 14th century by Arab merchants. And then, join the history of this glorious place by going to the Lamu Museum, where the cultural and everyday objects of the Swahili people are preserved. After lunch, you can just walk around the island, looking at local goods, and if you want to buy souvenirs. Be sure to bargain with local shopkeepers, in general, have fun and spend your time usefully.

I don’t want to fly away from here at all! It seems that you have been living here for a long time, and the rest of the world is somewhere out there, far away, and it does not concern you at all. You are completely imbued with the aura and soul of this place, and you are well aware that after your departure, you will leave a piece of your soul here forever. Therefore, in the evening, on the eve of departure, meeting the sunset, it is impossible to resist and throw a coin into the sea, as a guarantee that you will certainly come back here again!