Rest in a cottage Fatigue – this scourge haunts a modern person throughout his active life. Every year the rhythm of life in large cities is accelerating and not every representative of Homo sapiens is ready to follow it.

Man is a complexly organized social being. Our human nature has instincts, food, herd and others. And it is they who shape human behavior in society.

One of the most powerful instincts is the instinct of self-preservation. According to Wikipedia, “the instinct of self-preservation is an innate form of behavior of living beings in case of danger, actions to save themselves from this danger. Feelings such as pain and fear serve to realize this instinct.”

In a modern city, there are many reasons to turn on the instinct of self-preservation, starting with vehicles and ending with a huge number of people constantly violating personal space. In addition, people themselves, without realizing it themselves, violate not only your, but also their personal space, which leads to the formation of a defensive reaction in the form of aggression. These factors lead to a feeling of fatigue, and later to depression.

But there is an excellent way out of the situation – this is a properly and qualitatively planned vacation! For example, rest in cottages located in picturesque places of Finnish nature, but at the same time provided with all modern amenities so that the vacationer does not have to worry about everyday problems. Your only concern will be the enjoyment of every day spent here, the sun, the air and communication with nature.

The air in the mixed forests where our cottages are located is perfectly ozonated and its healing effect has long been proven. And the proximity to the lakes creates the necessary effect of moistening it, which further leads to an increase in the hardening and rehabilitation effect for people forced to live in polluted cities.

It should be noted that the excellent therapeutic effect of sound therapy.

What could be more pleasant to the ear of a modern person than the chirping of birds or the noise of foliage and wind? Or maybe you will like the sound of rain in the forest more.

In addition, there are all conditions for lovers of an active lifestyle – snowshoeing in the woods, skiing or sledding from the mountains, ice skating, boating and speedboats, playing golf and much more. Many people will enjoy fishing, and then personally prepare their catch in the form of trout or salmon.

A sense of unity with nature, harmony and stability is guaranteed to come to you if you come to relax in our cottages!