Due to the constancy of the Thai currency and the year-round tourist season, foreign citizens prefer to invest in local real estate. It is clear that buying a house in Phuket is profitable: the owner will have a stable income from renting an apartment to tenants. It is also possible to be a contributor to the construction of estates and cottages, for this it is necessary to accurately choose a construction company.

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Myths about buying an apartment in Phuket

Housing stock for a penny. It is believed that a single apartment on the seashore will cost a million rubles. For this price, you can buy only a small studio at a decent distance from the coast. A furnished apartment of 50 sq.m near the seashore has a price of more than 5 million rubles. Often new buildings have a gym, a swimming pool and a Jacuzzi, so such housing is easy to rent to travelers. There are more than 8 million people in Phuket province every year.

Increase in cost. There is an opinion that it is profitable to buy an apartment in Thailand, since housing rises in price by 20% every year. This dynamic is typical only for coastal buildings with good infrastructure: a public garden, a restaurant, a swimming pool. The cost of housing in working-class areas increases by a maximum of 5 percent during this period. It is more profitable to buy an apartment for resale at the initial stage of construction. When the residential complex is built, prices will increase by 15-20%.
Guaranteed income. In order for housing to bring income, choose a property located within walking distance from the coast or with a sea view. Rent rooms for a long time with a discount of 20%, reduce prices in low season. Also in Thailand, it is possible to choose an apartment from a construction company with a return on investment of seven to ten percent per year for a period of 3 to 20 years.

With a reasonable approach to the purchase and furnishing of housing, you will definitely be in the black. If you decide to buy an apartment in Phuket, contact Exotic Thailand agency. Russian-speaking agents will select the most profitable option for investments. You will not have to worry about the cost of furnishing, because apartments in Phuket are sold with a ready-made design.