All of us, going on vacation, ask ourselves the question: what to take with you? The “list of necessities” is always compiled, depending on the place of rest, the season for which we plan our vacation, the age and gender of vacationers. In order not to forget anything important, going to the sanatorium Belokurikha, use our special list.

Money and documents

Rest in the resorts of Belokurikha: what to take with you – money and documents

In addition to the standard set of identity papers, take everything that relates to the registration of stay and service in the sanatorium. This is a health resort card, a voucher, a voucher or a receipt for the payment of your vacation, a medical insurance policy. For the child, a certificate of the epidemiological environment, a certificate of enterobiosis and a certificate of vaccinations are also taken.

Attention! The certificate of the epidenvironment is valid for only 3 days!

Medical procedures cannot be prescribed to you without a sanatorium card. A sanatorium card can be made on the spot: for this it will be necessary to take tests, do an ECG, pass some specialists. At the time of registration of the card, you will be prescribed general restorative procedures that do not have contraindications.

Be sure to bring a credit card and some cash for unexpected expenses. And prepare a list of “hot” phones: let it contain the contacts of those persons to whom you can contact in an unforeseen situation.

First aid kit and everything for safety
When preparing a first aid kit for a trip, put a standard set there: analgesic, antipyretic, patch, diarrhea remedies, decontamination, antihistamines. In addition, grab medications that you should take regularly, your usual cold medications and a remedy for burns (especially if it’s about a summer vacation).

In the summer, there is a high risk of tick bites in Belokurikha, so be sure to stock up on repellents. If possible, get vaccinated against tick-borne viral encephalitis. On the day of arrival, take out insurance against a bite – then in case of a tick bite, you will be injected with immunoglobulin for free.

Clothing, overalls and shoes
Rest in the resorts of Belokurikha: what to take with you – clothes

Of course, you will take with you a sufficient amount of underwear, socks and handkerchiefs. Also prepare clothes for the season, convenient for walking in the woods and mountains. It is important not to forget about hats and comfortable anti–slip shoes – both in summer and in winter.

Please note: for summer walks in the forest, it is better to choose clothes that cover your arms and legs to protect yourself from blood-sucking insects.

Thinking about what to take with you to the sanatorium in winter, do not give up a swimsuit and slates – all sanatoriums have swimming pools and water treatments. Also put clothes for procedures in the suitcase: a bathrobe or a light tracksuit. A set of clothes for the room, pajamas, as well as elegant clothes for going out will not be superfluous. A raincoat in case of wet weather will also come in handy.